SMARTCAP Construction Announces the Company’s New Name


Today, we are pleased to announce our new company name and brand! The company you’ve known as SMARTCAP Construction has become Pivotal Construction. 

While we have a new name and look, we bring along the same core values that have driven our service and commitment to clients since we first began as a company. So while you’ll know us now as Pivotal Construction, we are still a dedicated core team of experts with a passion for delivering the best commercial construction work in the area—but it’s not just about building pretty structures for us.

Why We Are Pivotal

Our team and company have a bigger mission than simply starting and completing projects. We built this company on relationships, and that continues to be our plan going forward.

We’re also excited to move forward with our goals to impact the area in positive ways and leave our clients feeling like they had an outstanding experience with a construction company. In addition, we continue the embodiment of our core values. These values and our approach to every project are what we believe make us a “pivotal” presence in the commercial construction industry in this part of the country.

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We Embody Pivotal Core Values

So, what are our core values? What makes us stand out from other companies that build commercial structures or offer tenant improvement services? These five fundamentals of who we are and how we do remain consistent throughout every relationship and project we connect with.

Safety First

We simply have zero tolerance for safety issues. From our team members to our clients or your tenants, we make sure sites are kept clean and safe, and everyone understands the precautions necessary to work in safe environments.

Close the Loop

Excellent communication builds trust, and trust is essential for any relationship. Therefore we prioritize “closing the loop” on every detail, timeline, phone call, email, and conversation to eliminate worry or confusion with our team, vendors, and clients.

Highest Quality Construction (Always)

We don’t cut corners, skip steps, or cover up mistakes. Instead, every project is completed with the highest standards because that’s the only way we know how to do business.

Competitive Pricing and Value Engineering 

The only way we price labor and materials is fairly and transparently. We want you to experience the best outcomes, so we deliver upfront value engineering to complete your project at the right price.

A Being Good Corporate Citizens

We are part of this community, and we want to leave it better than the day before—every day. Pivotal Construction gives back to the community and environment so that we feel good about what we do (and our clients can, too). Power of cooperation in the construction business

We Maintain Our Team Approach

The good news is, with our new name comes some of the “same old” company! We will continue to prioritize relationships, provide excellent services, deliver the best experts in the business, and do what it takes to deliver your project in a way that exceeds your expectations.

This means we’re sticking with the team approach that helps set us apart from other experiences you might have had with contractors or commercial builders in the past. From our ground-up services to tenant improvements or consulting with your team, collaboration leads to better results and experiences. 

We Look Forward to Serving You as Pivotal Construction!

Now that our new name is out of the bag, we look forward to how we can serve you! If you have any questions about our new name or brand, don’t hesitate to reach out for a chat. We’d also love to hear about your next project and how we can start a relationship that helps your vision become a reality.



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