What to Expect From Commercial Construction Project Management


Project management is the driving force of any commercial construction project. All the various moving parts interact to deliver your dream space as a commercial real estate owner or investor.

Whether you need to hire a tenant improvement contractor to upgrade some units in a multifamily property or you need an entire team for a ground-up office build, the fundamentals of good project management remain the same. However, finding the right management group can be overwhelming for a first-time investor, and finding one that works well with the contractors is even harder! 

Due to the nature of project management and the balance of time, financial outcomes, and quality, working with a top-tier team of project managers and contractors is not only recommended but essential. 

In this blog, we'll examine the critical expectations of working with a high-level team of commercial construction project managers, the relationship with project management, and a case study of the Pivotal Construction approach to communication and client management.

What Does Project Management Mean in Construction? 

Project management is a crucial aspect of your relationship with a construction company and the outcome and quality of the project. 

While the profession of project manager exists in several fields of work, it carries a particular meaning in the construction industry. It refers to a construction project's planning, design, and execution. 

Business Meeting Time with Architecture Interior Designer and Engineering

In addition, project management in construction is a one-off occurrence as it relates to a physical outcome (i.e., once the construction is complete, the project is over). In contrast, a project manager in a financial setting, for example, may work on several projects in the same workplace spanning an entire career. 

Construction project management involves several critical processes, including time management, people management, cost analysis, budgeting, research, acquisition of permits, and the preparation of legal documentation, amongst several other ongoing factors. Project managers must therefore be team players with elite-level delegation skills who can prioritize tasks on the go. 

Due to this, working with an experienced contracting team is the core of a successful job that meets your expectations!

A Checklist to Find Quality Contractors

So, what should you expect from your commercial construction project management? Use the following points as a guide when finding a company to take charge of your real estate investment development. However, it's not enough to jump on the internet and search for a commercial construction company near me and go from there! Instead, search for a well-reviewed, highly regarded team that embodies all the points discussed below. 

A Well-Organized Pre-Construction Process 

During the pre-construction process, contractors 'bid' on the project by providing estimations on things such as the scope of work or costs. From there, the project manager can create a pool of potential contractors or subcontractors to work with on the project. 

It's a time to ensure everyone shares the same vision, as this forms the basis of the entire project. Therefore, straightforward, logical contractors who are onboard 100% with the timeline, budget, details, and your vision should be favored. 

Pre-construction is also a time to establish clear expectations. Quality contractors will not be pushy and will allow the client to come to their own decisions based on accurate information while offering insights and guidance. 

Collaboration and Communication

Clear communication guidelines must be maintained between all involved parties, including yourself as the investor, the construction team, and any subtractors brought on. A project manager will relay information in a timely and prioritized fashion. 

Budget Management

Projects can go over budget from time to time. However, this often comes down to mismanagement and a poorly projected scope of costs. A quality project management and construction team can streamline and keep a project under budget without issue and stick to the cost estimates. 

Clear Scope of Work

The scope of work outlines the services offered by the contracting group. Quality contractors provide clear guidance regarding all tasks and scheduling. A contracting team should not agree to any obligations outside their skill set and instead rely on subcontractors. Overpromising on a job can signify an inexperienced or dodgy contracting team and lead to safety issues on site. 

The duties outlined in the scope of work document are often known as "deliverables".

Access to Materials

Quality contractors and the right commercial construction company will work with safe and cost-effective materials. In addition, quality contractors and the project manager should ensure that a sufficient supply of the necessary materials is delivered quickly, which will also aid productivity and reduce unnecessary wait times. 

Finally, look for construction experts who will not cut corners regarding material access and ensure all materials follow any withstanding regulations.   

Transparency and Access to Your Project Manager

Generally, the project manager is the point of contact between the construction contractors, the managing company, and the client. Therefore, quality communication can lead to a more open and beneficial relationship. In addition, a project manager who is up-to-date with the latest changes and developments can keep you informed. 

Expert Solutions  

Your commercial construction team should be solutions-focused and able to autonomously deliver the outcomes while navigating any potential hurdles that may pop up during the construction process. In addition, an experienced project manager is forthcoming with issues and solutions to keep you informed along the way!

The Pivotal Construction Approach 

The best commercial construction experts work with their clients and other involved parties, proactively communicate (even when things go wrong), and maintain an efficient and precise worksite to deliver your project on time. 

Engineer working on outdoor project and talking on phone

At the end of the day, communication is the most fundamental component of a successful commercial construction outcome and the basis of all project management duties. We believe that "closing the loop" is an element of communication that builds trust from the start to the completion of your project. 

Pivotal construction's team-centric approach focuses on collaboration, upfront project planning, and organization. In addition, we understand the importance of caring for our clients, trade partners, and employees. Our relationships are at the core of everything we do!

From retail to office, restaurant, and professional service spaces, we deliver client outcomes through upfront planning, a priority on safety, excellent project organization, and overall communication in Seattle, WA. 

Looking For a Commercial Construction Company Near Me?

Being a commercial real estate investor or property owner is an exciting and potentially highly lucrative opportunity, provided you work with the right team to develop your vision for the space. When working with project managers and a team of commercial contractors, you must have a clear idea of the expectations and qualities that you'd like to have in your company. 

Now that you've got the template for expectations from quality contractors, it's time to go out there and turn your vision into reality! If you're looking for the best "commercial construction company near me" in the Seattle, WA, area, we hope you'll reach out to our team. The Pivotal Construction team-focused approach can help you achieve your construction goals! We can't wait to start collaborating on your project with you. 



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